#ubuntu-my IRC Meeting (21 July 2009)

From IRC Freenode #ubuntu-my (16 July 7:47pm)

Ubuntu-my IRC Meeting
Date : 21 July 2009
time : 9pm (2100)
Where : Freenode #ubuntu-my (irc.ubuntu.com.my)

Why : Form commitee Task Force Ubuntu-my-local
Propose by : Nbliang



Here are some of the issues that we discussed just now:

1. Organization Structure
- Community leader (1 of the 6 official members)
- Committee members (all 6 official members)
- Team Lead, assisted by team's ninjas (members)
- encourage Team Lead to apply as official Ubuntu member

2. Migration of launchpad profile
- ~malaysianteam to ~ubuntu-my
- E-jat to write script for migrating existing members in
~malaysianteam to ~ubuntu-my
- membership expired every end of the year [*]
# I have set the expiry date for some of the members in ~ubuntu-my
- auto renewal notification

3. Promoting Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team
- design web banners
- promote ubuntu-my through personal blogs, etc

4. Register ubuntu-my as community with ROS
- to register ubuntu-my as NGO / community with Registrar of Societies (ROS)

5. Funding
- to have temporary treasurer (suggested: itiknila)
- account should be transparent to all members (viewable via online)
- funding should via donations from members / third parties

6. tak ingatlah... bro Firdaus / E-jat, do help to continue yer...

[*] additional points that I add up / not in the meeting just now.


Nicholas Ng
Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team

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